Raglan surf cam

Chasing the Dream It is a rare surfer who is not also a traveller. The siren song of perfect waves peeling off unmolested on distant coastlines has lured most of us to leave our local lineups at some stage.

raglan surf cam

Even the office-bound weekend-warriors of our clan are tempted to take virtual pilgrimages to surfing's Shangri-las via Google Earth and live the dream vicariously on Vimeo. Raglan had you at the lineup shot. Wave upon wave, punch sound effect upon point, long lefthanders stepped and repeated uniformly as far as the eye can see, deep into the belly of the Tasman from whence they came.

Raglan is everything to New Zealand surfers that Kirra or Bells is their antipodean brethren across the ditch in Australia, a spiritual rallying point not only to ocean worshippers, but also a place of great significance to the local Maori as well.

Unlike The Superbank however — a similar but better formed amalgam of breaks — linking all these adjacent points on one wave remains a supernatural act. Furthest up the point, Indicators draws in the most swell and is the most consistent of the three. Whale Bay, meanwhile, is a more placid affair that will offer a rideable wave for pretty much anyone. The wave here is faster, steeper, better groomed and — accordingly — radically crowded. Raglan is the most heavily localised wave in New Zealand, crowds on par with what you might expect to find back home at Snapper.

There are strong parallels between Manu Bay here and Wreck Bay back home in Australia due to their significance to the respective indigenous owners. The Raglan township itself is a cool little surf town five minutes up the road with echoes of other cool little surf towns found in this list, with plenty of accommodation, drinking establishments, and young, unwashed people. The water is cold, the locals are largely hospitable, and the exchange rate benevolent.

Bottom: Boulder, reef, sand Length of ride: Plenty long Ability level: Ability to deal with the crowd more important than ability on a wave. Bring: Your steamer, plenty of warm stuff, your snowboard.

Raglan surf report

Click on the button below for the details Tags: create Alert from these tags. Login or Signup. Welcome to our first installment on meteorology basics: Swell is generated by wind and wind is the result of air pressure.

Coastalwatch's chief swell forecaster, Ben Macartney, scratches beneath the sea surface looking at wave period. The backhand barrel master at his very best only a week or so ago near home on the Gold Coast.Cam-Era is a network of computer-controlled cameras that monitor the New Zealand environment for research and resource management. These are also useful for surfers and swimmers. Computer-controlled video cameras monitor the environment for data collection and research while simultaneously providing images for beach-goers, such as surfers and swimmers.

Collaborators Cam-Era has been developed with the following partners. Once we have collected the images and brought them into the lab, the next stage is to make exact measurements off the images.

Beach width defined as the distance between dune crest and shoreline position at high tide is an important parameter measuring the 'health' of a beach. Rip currents are approximately shore-normal, seaward-directed jets that originate within the surfzone and broaden outside the breaking region. Technology and equipment Cam-Era consists of a number of remote sites around the coast of New Zealand connected by modem to a central base station in Hamilton.

Jump to Navigation Skip to main content. Licence type:. Service type:. Research Subjects:. Read more about New Brighton Pier A. Read more about New Brighton Pier B. Read more about Pauanui North. Read more about Pauanui South. This web camera is available thanks to the support of Waikato Regional Council.

Read more about Raglan A. Read more about Raglan B. Read more about Tairua. About the Project. Cam-Era for you. Technology and Equipment. Cam-Era has been developed with the following partners. Forecasting rip currents. Technology and equipment. Cam-Era consists of a number of remote sites around the coast of New Zealand connected by modem to a central base station in Hamilton.Warning: this story contains graphic images. An itinerant surfer was allegedly injured and insulted by a Raglan local while surfing at Manu Bay on Wednesday.

The struck surfer is no beginner and has overseas experience, Thorley-Symes said. Veteran surfer Miles Ratima, 41, who has lived and instructed in Raglan for 20 years, said there had already been five or six ambulance callouts to the water this summer. It's the most crowded surf spot in New Zealand. In collisions such as Wednesday's, no-one is in the wrong, he said, but locals will be pissed off if a surfer gets in the way. Ratima is one of many in the community who met in July to form the Surf Safe Management Committee, and put together a set of rules for both locals and newcomers.

At Manu Bay on Thursday, many near-misses and drop-ins could be seen among the group of around 20 surfers braving the rain. Internationally competitive surfer and Raglan resident Daniel Kereopa, heading in with a student, said there was less respect for locals these days.

He said New Zealand was one of the friendliest places to surf. It's a war on the water. Raglan locals lay down the surf law after too many collisions with newcomers.

The Raglan community is coming together to try and educate visitors about the proper etiquette when out in the surf.

Surfing Golden Hour Raglan (4K HD)

A surfer "drops in" on another surfer. This is considered dangerous and bad etiquette. Matti Thorley-Symes is a surf instructor from Raglan who is asking the community to look out for each other, after a friend was injured and insulted on the water.

Raglan resident Miles Ratima, cafe owner and surf coach, says Raglan is the most crowded surf spot in New Zealand.

raglan surf cam

A gash sustained by an itinerant surfer allegedly by the board of a Raglan local, who was then abusive. Luke Hughes, owner of Raglan Surf Co, is part of an effort to put educational signage at Raglan's main breaks, informing locals and newcomers of surf rules.

Professional surfer Daniel Kereopa says locals should have right of way on the waves, but they've come to understand and deal with the influx at Raglan.

Troucoso appreciated the friendly nature of Raglan locals; peaceful, he said, compared to those in Australia. He says Raglan is kinder to surfers than elsewhere.Before Lockdown. The backhand barrel master at his very best only a week or so ago near home on the Gold Coast. Login or Signup. Welcome to our first installment on meteorology basics: Swell is generated by wind and wind is the result of air pressure. Coastalwatch's chief swell forecaster, Ben Macartney, scratches beneath the sea surface looking at wave period.

Understanding why we're out there, could lead to better, more fulfilling surfing.

Alert Level 4 / SURF2SURF Updates

Bury it, get yelled at, then quickly dig it up — is this any way to treat a mammal? An escape from reality with amazing waves, crystal clear water and friendly locals. Video: Imperfect weather but allegedly endless beers thanks to loaded President along for the ride.

Sunny days, offshore winds, no crowds and fresh swells in November? Welcome to Samoa…. Australia's no. Check the surf anywhere, anytime with over live streaming Australian Surf Cams. Download from iTunes. Surfstitch Surf Check - the official Coastalwatch Android app for Australian surfing and coastal conditions.

The official Coastalwatch Skill for Alexa enabled devices allows you to use your voice to get the latest conditions and forecasts.

raglan surf cam

Use the flexibility of Coastalwatch SMS service to check the daily surf report or live wind conditiosn around Australia anytime of the day. All rights reserved. Wind, tides, UV ratings, air temps and outlook provided by Coastalwatch are based on data and radar images provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. The new format intuitively adapts to whatever device you are using at the time, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of Coastalwatch from anywhere.

You also now have the choice of becoming a registered user of Coastalwatch and access new features like uploading your own photos and videos. Better still, Coastalwatch Plus members will continue to get all the existing member benefits and the following new features:. Plus members can and use both sites during this time. For more information about the new designs, upgrades and insights into the Coastalwatch business and its future, including the charities and community organisations we support read The New Look Coastalwatch.

Kim Sundell Managing Director Coastalwatch. We are undertaking our regular Coastalwatch Survey and we would love to hear your feedback so we can get stuck into making our services even better. If you are already a Coastalwatch Plus Member, Log in here.Based on 4 votes. Suggest a webcam for Raglan-Indicators click to reveal the form. This is the best Raglan-Indicators webcam that we have found on the web. The Raglan-Indicators surf cam and those surfcams nearby are not operated by surf-forecast.

Also, if you know of a better beach camera that points at a surf spot in the region, let us know. Webcams for Raglan-Indicators and elsewhere along the Raglan and West Waikato coast are useful as indicators for general surf conditions that affect other surf breaks in the region. Quality on a good day: 4. Webcam courtesy of: www. Webcam at 2pm today Webcam at 2pm yesterday 2 days ago 3 days ago 4 days ago 5 days ago 6 days ago 7 days ago 8 days ago 9 days ago 10 days ago 11 days ago 12 days ago 13 days ago 14 days ago 15 days ago 16 days ago 17 days ago 18 days ago 19 days ago 20 days ago 21 days ago 22 days ago 23 days ago 24 days ago 25 days ago 26 days ago 27 days ago.

Suggest a webcam for Raglan-Indicators click to reveal the form Can you suggest a better Raglan-Indicators webcam source? I'm the owner of the web resource I have just been visiting it.Issued by: MetService at: am Friday 10 Apr Valid to: Midnight Friday 10 Apr Marine Regions. Raglan Forecasts. Raglan Marine Favourite location. To get started click on the star icon in the search bar to favourite the pages or locations you use regularly.

Manage all favourites. Overview Coastal Boating Surf Tides. Stopping our movement stops the virus. Follow the latest advice from covid All boating and surf ratings have been removed while New Zealand is at alert level four. Raglan Water Activities. Top 3 Boating Locations. Albatross Point 60m boating. Albatross Point boating. Aotea Reef boating. Top 3 Surf Locations. Kawhia surfing. Manu Bay surfing. Marakopa surfing. Southern Trench S 9kt.

Mokau Trench S 9kt. Raglan Shelf Break S 16kt. Albatross Point 60m S 13kt. Raglan Tides. Raglan Boating Forecast 10 Apr Raglan Surf Forecast 10 Apr Raglan Coastal View full forecast. Becoming Saturday morning variable 10 knots. Becoming Sunday northerly 15 knots. Rising later Sunday northeast 35 knots. Changing Monday southwesterly 35 knots. Sea becoming very rough. Moderate southwest swell, becoming heavy Monday.Based on 20 votes.

Note: the tide data above is for Raglan, New Zealand which is 5 km away. Surf properties and timing are calculated for Raglan-Manu Bay.

New forecast is published every 6 hours at www. Short Range Forecast: Heavy rain total 38mmheaviest during Fri afternoon. Long Range Forecast: Heavy rain total 55mmheaviest during Mon afternoon.

Wind will be generally light. Simply grab the html code snippet that we provide and paste it into your own site. Click here to get the code. View detailed surf forecast for Raglan-Manu Bay at: surf-forecast. The above surf forecast table for Raglan-Manu Bay provides essential information for determining whether the surfing conditions will be good over the next 7 days.

A general guide to surfing at Raglan-Manu Bay can be found by selecting the local surf guide option on the grey menu. Our Raglan-Manu Bay surf forecast is unique since it includes wave energy power that defines the real feel of the surf rather than just the height or the period. If you surf the same spot Raglan-Manu Bay regularly then make a mental note of the wave energy from the surf forecast table each time you go.

Very soon you may start to choose your surf days based on the wave energy alone combined with our forecast of favourable offshore wind conditions. Our star ratings will help here and of course you will also find the usual wave height and period predictions on our surf forecasts as well as a full break down of the swell components under our advanced users option to reveal that, click the little Einstein character under the tide times. Further information to help with frequently asked questions about our surf forecast for Raglan-Manu Bay may be found under the help tab on the top menu and also by moving your mouse over the question marks on the surf forecast table itself.

Raglan-Manu Bay is 42 km 26 miles from Hamilton. If you plan a holiday in Raglan and West Waikato, look for hotels and other accommodation in Hamilton. Hamilton has rooms for a wide range of budgets as well as car hire and transport links. Raglan-Manu Bay. Quality on a good day: 4. Raglan-Manu Bay surf forecast is for near shore open water. Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots.

Today's Raglan-Manu Bay sea temperature is Hourly 7 days Raglan and West Waikato Surf. Your browser does not support iframes. Information about the Raglan-Manu Bay Surf forecast The above surf forecast table for Raglan-Manu Bay provides essential information for determining whether the surfing conditions will be good over the next 7 days.

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