Sim808 gps accuracy

Now a team of researchers can make it accurate right down to an inch. Regular GPS registers your location and velocity by measuring the time it takes to receive signals from four or more satellites, that were sent into space by the military. Alone, it can tell you where you are to within 30 feet. More recently a technique called Differential GPS DGPS improved on that resolution by adding ground-based reference stations—increasing accuracy to within 3 feet.

Now, a team from the University of California, Riverside, has developed a technique that augments the regular GPS data with on-board inertial measurements from a sensor. Instead what the University of California team has done is create a set of new algorithms which, it claims, reduce the complexity of the calculation by several order of magnitude.

In turn, that allows GPS systems in a mobile device to calculate position with an accuracy of just an inch. The team hopes that the new GPS units could be used where accuracy is far more important that it was in the past. Autonomous vehicles is an obvious application, where knowing exactly where the vehicle is on the road is absolutely crucial—but it could be included in your phone, too. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. This newsletter comes from the future.

Jamie Condliffe. Filed to: gps. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Then use a browser to load the PHP webpage which uses Googlemaps to show the location in realtime.

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All the code including the PHP scripts and the Arduino program can be downloaded and it has been released with an open source license. The table below shows the meaning of the blink of the LED. The first thing we are going to do with the module is to connect the module to a PC directly using an Arduino as gateway and check the basic AT commands.

In this case, serial communication jumpers have to be set on USB gateway position. Finally plug the USB cable to the computer and open a serial port terminal to communicate via the usb port e.

Set the baudrate to bps and open the serial port, then press the ON button for two seconds. Then if you type AT you'll get OKthis means that the communication with the module is working fine.

Now, with the module working you can check some AT commands to control the module, the basic commands are:. Important type commands in capital letters and with CR carriage return and LF line feed!!! The first thing we are going to do with the module is to check the basic AT commands in gateway mode. Using gateway mode, commands can be sent from our Raspberry Pi directly to any serial module. To stablish UART connection with the module you can use several programs as cutecom in Raspbian graphical environment or minicom in a terminal window in order to use it via SSH.

For using minicom follow these steps:. Place the two Serial com. These jumpers always have to be in this position, in gateway mode and when you run codes. The power supply must be able to provide sufficient current up to 2A. Besides this, do not forget to place the switch in the Raspberry connection bridge to the left.

Connect the antennas to the shield and the shield to the Raspberry Pi connection bridge. The default user is pi. Install minicom only if you haven't done it before : sudo apt-get install minicom. Now, with the module working you can check some AT commands to control the module.

Some of the USB ports on computers are not able to give all the current the module needs to work, if your module goes down when it tries to connect to the network, you can use an external power supply 12V - 2A on the Arduino.

The second one is powering the shield directly via Vext header. The external power supply can be able to supply current peaks about 2A. We recommend a 12V-2A power supply. The last one is using a one cell Li-ion battery.The board features ultra-low power consumption in sleep mode, giving the project incredibly long standby times.

Furthermore there's an onboard battery charging circuit that can be used with LiPo batteries. You can connect either passive or active GPS antenna to it. Active GPS antenna runs at 2. Power Button: this is the hard power switch for the module. When the module is power up, you can turn on or turn off the module by pressing the button for 2s.

Status Indicator: Green LED, it will tell whether the module is on, light when the module is running. Li-ion Battery: this is power supply for the module, input voltage is from 3.

It uses the JST Upload the following code to Arduino and open the serial monitor. It is recommended to execute this process when first time to use the module.

In the Serial Monitor columns of following tables, input of AT commands are in back, module returns values are in orange. Please feel free to contact us: recipe seeed. This project describes how to turn your hot water heater on and off via SMS and check if it is on or off. All the pfod screens are available via SMS, like sub-menus, multi and single selection list, text input, data logging and plotting. I want to make it. As long as you start sharing your works with others, you are being part of the open source community and you are making your contributions.

Now share your awesome projects with us on Recipeand win a chance to become the Core User of Seeed. Get more information about Core User, please email to: recipe seeed. Please submit any technical issue into our forum. Seeed Wiki.Used in tandem with a navigation app like Google Maps they are incredibly useful for finding your way around. But not all GPS sensors perform as well as others, and signal problems such as weak signal or a complete dropout could literally leave you lost.

If you want to improve the GPS signal on an Android smartphone, these tips may help. Remember: Android looks slightly different from phone to phone, so some of the steps may be slightly different on your device. To work properly, GPS needs a clear view of the sky, so it's best to be outside for satellites to communicate with your GPS properly. A completely grey dot means Google Maps is unable to find your current location, and is showing your last known location instead. GPS uses up a lot of battery power, and the more precise it is, the more battery it uses.

Most smartphones keep the accuracy at a moderate level to avoid sucking all the juice out of a device. Some Android smartphones let you activate GPS high accuracy mode, which gives more precise performance at the cost of battery life.

To set your GPS to high accuracy mode, open the Settings by swiping down on your screen and clicking the cog icon. You may need to recalibrate your GPS to make things work better. If not, you can easily download one for free on the Google Play Store. We went for GPS Essentials. Pick up your phone and rotate it vertically three times, while keeping the phone flat as shown below. Make sure you do so slowly.

To find out if your phone is able to detect satellites, open the GPS Essentials app again and tap Satellites. Consider reinstalling the app or find an alternative. Already have an Android phone? Get more for your money with our amazing SIM-only deals. Looking to upgrade your phone?

Check out these amazing handsets. New BT Plus. Our best connection in and out of the home. What is 5G? Discover how it will transform the way we communicate and live. Camera terms explained: Everything you need to know about your smartphone's camera tech.With this module, you can send and receive SMS; trace a location and you can even build your own cell phone.

The module is 5 — 26V power supply when the power supply is less than 2A the need for 9V This. Road power supply port for Another 3.

sim808 gps accuracy

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sim808 gps accuracy

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Make your own GPS SMS Security Tracking System

Featuring an industry-standard interface and GPS function, it allows variable assets to be tracked seamlessly at any location and anytime with signal coverage. The power management unit shuts down the power supply for the baseband part of the module, and only the power supply for the RTC is remained.

Software is not active. The serial port is not accessible. Power supply connected to VBAT remains applied. Minimum functionality mode. The power consumption in this mode is lower than normal mode. You can find the SIM datasheet, programs to upload new firmware and other documents here and here. Once the GPS receiver has transmitted the NMEA sentences to the Arduino, and they have been properly read and stored in nice and "simple format", then what follows?

For instance:. EPP - speaker or headphone jack output. Speaker or headphone connected to it. PPS - Pulse per second. This is an output pin on some GPS modules. Generally, when this pin toggles, once a second, you can synchronize your system clock to the GPS clock. The power supply range of SIM is from 3. Recommended voltage is 4. The transmitting burst will cause voltage drop and the power supply must be able to provide sufficient current up to 2A.

Making a CALL. The idea is that you use the ATH command when an event is triggered. For example, connect a push button to the Arduino, that when pressed sends the ATH command to hang up the phone. We successfully upgraded our module with latest firmware too.


It is free and easy to use, yet powerful and extremely customizable. Input can be in the form of GPS data tracks and waypointsdriving routes, street addresses, or simple coordinates. Use it to see where you've been, plan where you're going, or quickly visualize geographic data scientific observations, events, business locations, customers, real estate, geotagged photos, etc. Thank you for your comments.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I was talking with a potential client, and they requested that we plot some points with GPS, with a maximum or should that be minimum? This is an area with no WAAS, and I was under the impression that even in the best of conditions, a single gps point can be accurate up-to only 15 meters Horizontal field.

Is this correct? Vertical accuracy is worse. Mind you, that's the minimum. For a technical document on that specification you can go here. That website also includes data and information on WAAS-enabled systems and accuracy levels depending on location.

It's a great resource. Ionospheric delay effects are the largest source of error in a single-frequency GPS receiver. I have also witnessed a 2 meter accuracy but that is extremely rare and I would not take it into account. The average best would be 15 meters and the average worse close to meters. The results stated above are from my own field work and come from using various types of smartphones.

GPS accuracy greatly varies depending on surroundings, devices used, weather and many other factors. The accuracy results are derived from compairing my actual position with the GPS position.

Geolocation Tracker (GPRS + GPS) with SIM908 over Arduino and Raspberry Pi

These are results of tests carried out in October and December Devices were left on the marks for 15 minutes at mark 1 and 30 minutes at mark 2. Looking at the data from these readings, all these GPS unit's positional data "drift" around the static mark but on average give very acceptable accuracy for my purpose IMO.

I would think that these devices would need to be left for 1 hour to stabilise properly. I use these GPS devices on World kite altitude record flights and in the remote zone I use and at altitudes up to 16, ft, there are 12 or even 13 satellites acquired. That's way more than most people seem to get in urban or forested areas.

Any of these units will give me better than 0. If you want better accuracy then you need something like a Trimble Total Station or a similar survey grade GPS with additional augmentation. It depends on how much you pay and your understanding of the usage and limitations. People sometimes have unrealistic expectations of what is wonderful technology at a dirt cheap price. They are getting cheaper and cheaper but I cannot vouch for the quality or accuracy of all cheap units.

Manufacturers of consumer grade GPS units usually make claims of sub 3 meter for position and sub 5 meters for altitude under good conditions.

It seems it's still tremendous bang for buck seeing these devices can place you within a 10 meter square on the surface of the earth with 40 billion square metres.

Realistically with a modern survey grade GPS receiver you can easily get down to a few centimeters via RTK within seconds or down to a few millimeters with static post processing and a several hours of post processed data.

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sim808 gps accuracy

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